Book for Medical Practitioners in Columbia, MD

Once you have developed a professional relationship with Dr. Richardson, you can take the lessons he’s learned during his career to heart and start realizing your dreams. He has written a book for medical practitioners in Columbia, MD, that is now available for purchase from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Kingdom Medicine Administrative Services Inc. is more than just a medical practice for adults and families. Dr. Richardson founded our medical group after a career of service as a flight surgeon. During those years, he observed how leaders made others more successful. He’s taken these lessons to heart, and that has made him a success as an entrepreneur. Subscribe to his blog and purchase this leadership book from either of these online retailers.

Determined to Practice: A Book by Lt. Colonel (Dr.) Leonard Richardson

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There’s No Treasure Map to Success
But You Can Follow the Footsteps of a Proven Leader

It may seem like business success is on the far side of too many hurdles. Maybe you doubt your ability. Perhaps you can’t convince those around you that your ideas will work. Maybe the system itself seems designed to thwart your dreams.

When you have big dreams, it can be almost impossible to start. Success seems far away, and you are not sure how to take that first step. Even if you’ve made that big first step, you may be unsure about where to take the next step or the one after that.

Learn How to Persevere and Succeed

Whether you are a medical professional looking to put the focus where it should be (the patient) or you’re simply looking to become the entrepreneur you always knew you could be, you will need to define your goals and then systematically make them happen clearly.

Dr. Leonard Richardson has spent a lifetime reclaiming the patient-physician relationship from the health care system that has threatened to put paperwork before patients. While building a new way of delivering patient-centered medical homes (PCMH), Dr. Richardson realized that the lessons he was learning could apply far beyond health care to anyone who wants to build success and reach their dreams.

In his book, Determined to Practice: An Ancient Calling to Provide the Highest Quality of Health Care, Leonard Richardson, M.D. shares the lessons—and the mistakes—that taught him how to achieve his goals.

From Legacy to Success

Dr. Richardson shows how to use your legacy; survey the landscape surrounding what you want to do, and take note of the culture, language, and more; use energy to build on that legacy and change the landscape. Determined to Practice is a health care book for medical practitioners and entrepreneurs that gives strategies to achieve:

  • An Alternative to Corporate, Industrialized Medicine
  • Tools for Success in Any Endeavor, Not Only Medicine
  • Inspiration and Empowerment for New Professionals to Aim High

What Others Are Saying

“In this inspiring account of his determination to practice medicine of the highest quality, Leonard Richardson, MD, captures the challenges in his life and shares with us an inspiring and detailed approach to solving some of todays problems with our health-care system.

Dr. Richardson uses his personal journey and demonstrates how he handled the unpredictable, challenging, and profoundly complex world that is medicine. He embraced technology and weaved together lessons from his childhood, from athletic competition, from a military career, and from civilian medical practice to tell a compelling story of success.

Taking us on a journey that includes thousands of years of his personal legacy, he demonstrates how one’s legacy can strengthen one’s resolve. He introduces a new model of providing health care and then skillfully pivots toward the future of medicine. He also explains the ingredients necessary for turning today’s struggling medical practices into successful enterprises.

It is a breakthrough handbook for surviving and thriving in our complex and ever-shifting world of medicine and you will want to share this book with everyone you know.”

-Edith P. Mitchell, MD, FACP
116th president, National Medical Association

“An inspiring personal story depicting an extraordinary rise from humble beginnings to entrepreneurial success in medicine. It is a must read for anyone who aspires to defy the odds and achieve world-class greatness in business, community, and life.”

-Louis G. Hutt, Jr., CPA, Esq.
Author of The Road to Mega Success: Simple Strategies for Enriching the Bottom Line and host of The Lou Hutt Show, Sirius XM Radio

“It is my distinct pleasure and privilege to have known and been associated with Leonard Richardson, now Lt. Colonel (Dr.) Leonard Richardson, since his early years spent on the tiny island of Anguilla. From a very early age Leonard cultivated a broad perspective on life and aspired to achieve the highest and noblest ideals. Fortunately, as he grew in years, the quest for knowledge and experience intensified, and he was adamant that nothing whatsoever would deter him from ascending the highest rung on the ladder of success.

It is therefore not surprising to me that in a short time he accomplished the utmost success in the USAF and in his medical career.

I congratulate him and commend him highly for his book, Determined to Practice: An Ancient Calling to Provide the Highest Quality of Health Care. It is my hope that many will benefit immensely from the knowledge contained therein and will be challenged to follow closely in Leonard’s footsteps.

It is said that ‘Some people are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.’ . . . Leonard’s accomplishments accrued from the dint of hard work and submission and obedience to the Spirit of God who guided him over the years.”

-Joseph Lloyd (Rev.)