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As Internal Medicine professionals, Kingdom Medicine is versed in many aspects of adult medical care. We are a caring organization that administers care to our patients so that they live a long healthy life. We coordinate your care to ensure that all related tests and specialist are on one accord to make you as healthy as possible!

At Kingdom Medicine, we are also admitting hospital doctors that provide primary care patients of all ages. We are trained to diagnosis medical issues, complex illnesses and disease prevention to put our patients back on the road to healthy living. Our commitment to our patients is personalized quality care each and every time!

Our practice concentrates on many health conscious aspects including:

Lab work
Bone Density Screening
Cardiac Screening
Hospice Care
In Home Care Visits
Retinal Scans
Nerve Conduction Studies
Ankle Brachial Index Measurements
Diabetic Shoe Fittings
Hospital Admission

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